Our Mission


Faith & Works is a non-partisan, social justice organization. We are committed to transformative outreach that enhances the quality of life for the underserved and underrepresented and alters the political landscape. Through direct action we strive to build sustainable power and restore hope into disenfranchised communities.


Our Beliefs

Our work is rooted in 6 key components:

People are where we start and where we end. The issues that directly impact our most vulnerable communities must always be centered. We work in partnership with communities to ensure that their voices are heard and that they are fully equipped with the tools needed to defend black lives and liberate our people.

Prayer is what sustains us during this journey for justice. Every day we choose faith over facts, in which we believe that greater is the power that is found within us than the power of hatred, racism, fascism found in the world.  

Protest we will not remain silent in the face of racial injustice. We will push back and speak truth to power as we work towards a more equitable society each day. 

Poll allows us to not only vote for what’s on the ticket but be on the ticket. Using this tool we empower those who have been disconnected from the electoral process to be a part of reshaping our democracy through civic participation.

Policy is the way we put pen to paper the ways in which we envision our criminal justice system, education and economic opportunities. It’s our opportunity to hold elected officials accountable in both developing and implementing plans of action that call for true equity for black and brown people in this country. 

Power our communities hold the force to knock down social injustice and rebuild a system that is equitable for all. We work to activate and drive marginalized communities into full action that translates into change that can be seen, felt and touched. 


How We Work

  • Voter Rights Education

  • Voter Protection Workshops

  • Voter Registration & Restoration Clinics

  • GOTV - Voter Mobilization

  • Work to overcome barriers to voting including all forms of voter suppression

  • Regranting to assist civic engagement ministries and organizations

  • Utilize methods such as radio, mass text messaging, community dinners, canvassing and other mechanisms of outreach


Faith & Works is committed to improving voting rights and electoral power in the south.


Our Founder

Cara McClure is the Founder of Faith & Works.


She has served as Alabama's state coordinator for Black Voters Matter where she facilitated programs and strategic coalitions in order to increase voter engagement. 


Her work has led her to advocate for policies to expand poll access, expand early voting, resist voter ID laws, and restore voting rights to individuals for many years. 


Under an intersectional lens, she promotes policies that intersect with race, gender, economic and other aspects of equity, and motivates residents of Alabama to collaborate and organize for growth and change.

Cara was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. Early on she was exposed to ideas related to marketing, recruitment, and professional development while working for her family’s cleaning service. She later became successful in network marketing after building a team of more than 2000 entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Later, after unfortunately spending time as a homeless mother following a marital separation, Cara turned personal hardship into opportunity when she created an apartment locating service to help individuals and families find their ideal homes. Her experience with homelessness and eviction caused her to become more

determined to change careers to work that would instigate change

for others.


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